Dragon's Blood: a Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Dragon's Gift Trilogy Book 2)(4)

Somehow, they would figure this out. And when she returned, she would have all three of them in her bed so they could renew their bond together.

“I love you,” Drystan said hoarsely as his thrusts grew harder. Power hummed in the air around him as he drew strength from her, his skin glowing faintly. Dareena arched her hips, pulling him in deeper, urging him to take more, to take it all. This was the last time she would be able to offer this to him, and she gave herself fearlessly, selflessly, digging her nails into his broad back as the orgasm ripped through her. The sound of her name on Drystan’s lips shook the walls as he came, his hot seed rushing into her, and afterward, she cradled him, stroking his sweaty back and murmuring sweet nothings as their heartbeats gradually returned to normal.

A knock on the door interrupted the bittersweet moment of bliss. “Dareena?” Alistair called through the door.

“Come in,” she called back, tightening her arms around Drystan as he began to move. What did it matter if Alistair saw them together?

Alistair opened the door, and his eyes flew wide. “I wasn’t quite expecting to be greeted by the sight of your arse, brother,” he said dryly as he nudged the door shut behind him.

“I tried to spare you, but the lady is refusing to let go of me.” Smirking, Drystan slid his arms beneath Dareena, then rolled over so that she was on top of him. “Is that better?”

Alistair sucked in a sharp breath, and Dareena hid a smile. She knew exactly how she looked, naked and glistening, her legs open as she straddled Drystan. The space between her thighs warmed, and for a moment, she was tempted to invite Alistair to join them.

“As much as I’m enjoying the view, I’m afraid you’ll have to get dressed,” Alistair said ruefully. “The duchess is impatient to get back to Elvenhame with her prizes.”

“Of course she is,” Drystan groused, sitting up. He gently pushed Dareena off, then went to retrieve his clothing.

Dareena gave him a wistful look, then went to clean up and fetch a simple traveling cloak and dress from her wardrobe.

“Here,” Alistair said as she began to unbutton the back of the dress. “Let me help you.”

Dareena nodded, wordlessly handing him the dress. She could tell by the way Alistair’s fingers twitched that he was itching to touch her bare skin, but he merely slipped the dress over her head, then smoothed it over her ample curves. Quickly, he buttoned up the back of her dress, then secured the cloak around her shoulders with a simple gold pin. He was dressed similarly in a brown tunic and cloak, and sturdy boots not unlike the ones he helped her pull onto her feet.

“There,” he said, smoothing her hair. “You’re ready for an adventure.”

Dareena laughed. “That’s what I told Rona to console her,” she said. “That we should think of this as an exciting adventure.”

“Try not to make it too exciting,” Drystan said. He slid his arms around Dareena’s waist and pulled her in for one last kiss. “You have to come back to us in one piece, after all.”

“I will,” she said against his mouth, “so long as you and Lucyan can make nice with the elves.”

“Lucyan and I will pay whatever ransom they demand,” Drystan promised.

“How is Lucyan?” Dareena asked Alistair a bit anxiously. “He looked like he was about to faint when the servants helped him out of that chair.”

“Sleeping,” Alistair confirmed. “He passed out almost as soon as his head hit the pillow. Do you want to see him before we go?”

Dareena bit her lip, considering. “No,” she finally said. “He’ll wake up the moment I enter the room, and he needs his rest.” Squaring her shoulders, she took Alistair’s hand. “Let us go before I lose my courage and bury myself under the covers.”

Alistair smiled gently. “I highly doubt that will happen,” he said, brushing a kiss against her temple. “You may be small, Dareena, but you have more courage than many of the soldiers I’ve trained with.”

Dareena hoped he was right. She had a feeling she was going to need all the courage she could get to make it through the trials ahead.


After they finished their goodbyes, Dareena and Alistair went down to the entrance hall, servants in tow to carry their trunks. The duchess waited for them with a sly smile on her face, flanked by a bevy of elven guards. Two of them took the trunks, while another four closed ranks around Alistair and Dareena.

“This is hardly necessary,” Alistair said stiffly, eyeing the wall of shiny armor surrounding them. “We are not planning an escape.”

“I never thought otherwise,” the duchess said smoothly. “The guards aren’t here to restrain you. They’re here to protect you.”

Protect us? Alistair frowned.

A familiar buzz grew louder—the sound of a large crowd. Alistair tried to peer over Lady Valenhall’s graceful shoulder, but the front doors were closed, and from where he stood, he could see nothing through the windows.

“The townsfolk have heard about your unfortunate situation,” the duchess explained. “They have come to see for themselves if the royal crown has fallen so low they are forced to give up their Dragon’s Gift.”

Alistair clenched his jaw.

“You are a horrid woman,” Dareena snapped, her green eyes sparkling with anger. Alistair admired her willingness to stand up to the duchess even as part of him wanted to step between them and shield his mate. “Is it not enough that you are getting everything you want? You must humiliate us as well?”

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