Kinked (Elder Races, #6)(4)

Her gaze narrowed. He was a beautiful man, she’d give him that. He owned a popular neighborhood bar named Elfie’s, where he tended to wear clothes that were more upscale, but here he dressed simply like the other sentinels in jeans, boots, and a dark blue T-shirt that turned his blue eyes brilliant.

Sex would have always come easily for him. It would come even easier for him tonight. He could have as much sex with as many people as he wanted.

One of his companions was a corporate lawyer for Cuelebre Enterprises, a Wyr lioness who was the antithesis of Aryal in almost every way. Aryal studied the other woman, assessing her as if she were an opponent. Instead of Aryal’s six-foot height, the lioness stood at a snuggly five foot six. Males were suckers for females of that size. The other woman had a sinuous, curvaceous torso, while Aryal had an athletic build, her muscles long and lean.

The lioness’s limbs were tawny and sun-kissed, her piquant face cleverly made up to emphasize her tilted eyes and full mouth. She wore four-inch heels, and her waist-long hair tumbled down her back and was lightened with expensive golden highlights.

Aryal had gray eyes and angular features, and the only time she had ever worn makeup was when she had gotten drunk with her friend Niniane, who had somehow managed to coax Aryal into letting her put pink lipstick on her. That experiment had lasted all of five minutes. Aryal wouldn’t be caught dead in heels of any height unless they hid a spring-hinged blade, and she barely remembered to brush her thick, black, shoulder-length hair, which was why it so often ended up tangled, especially just after a flight.

The lioness stood on tiptoe and leaned against Caeravorn’s arm as she said something in his ear, deliberately brushing her breast against his bicep. Then she sent a warning glance around to the others who stood nearby while she licked at the champagne that dripped off his chin, and Caeravorn grinned and cupped her ass. Clearly if that chick had anything to say about it, she would be his only partner for the night.

Aryal’s lip curled. Aw, look. Two Wyr felines going into heat. There wasn’t even any suspense to it.

Caeravorn turned to give the female a slow, sexy smile, and his gaze fell on Aryal. His long blue eyes narrowed, and his expression chilled. He said something to the female as he pulled away from her. She gave him a pouting, kittenish smile and made as if to follow him, but as she tracked his trajectory, her gaze fell onto Aryal and she jerked to a halt.

Yeah, that one was irritating, but she wasn’t stupid.

Caeravorn shouldered past a few people and approached Aryal, his eyes glinting. He was broad shouldered, lean hipped and long legged, and he had a lithe, almost boneless stride. Aryal’s gaze drifted over his hard face and equally hard body. Under the cover of her crossed arms, her talons came out, quiet and slick like well-oiled switchblades. She clicked them together as he prowled close.

So dirty.

He was an outlaw in masquerade. Her gaze fixed on the bulge in his jeans. Was he an outlaw sexually as well?

Kitty Lawyer’s antics must have been doing it for him, because as he came toe-to-toe with her, he smelled like healthy male, champagne and arousal. Aryal hated the fact that he smelled incredibly delicious.

“You are the most ungracious, obstinate creature I have ever had the misfortune to meet,” he said. She cocked her head and contemplated his hard, well-cut mouth. “Give it up, sunshine. You lost.”

Genuinely amused, she smiled. She leaned forward until she was in his face, and she whispered, “I know something you don’t.”

His teeth were even and white as he snapped out, “You f*cking wish you did.”

“No, I really do know something, Caeravorn. What are you, a hundred and sixty, a hundred and seventy years old?”

He sliced at the air with one hand. “What difference does my age make?”

“You young Wyr are all alike,” she said. “Maybe your panther side will dictate a limit to your life span, or maybe your Elven and Dark Fae blood will prolong it, but either way, you don’t really understand what it means to be immortal. The past is nearly as limitless as the future.”

“Make your point,” he growled.

Her voice grew softer, pitched for his ears alone. “I’ll give this to you. You’ve been meticulous, you really have. You’ve covered your tracks well. But nobody in this world is perfect. That means that you have f*cked up somehow, somewhere. That’s what I know. I have all the time in the world to find it, all the time, and do you know what that means? That means I’ve already got you. It just hasn’t happened yet.”

She watched the rage build in his face and body language as she spoke. She might not have gotten him yet, but she got him good enough for now, as she shoved him over the brink and his temper splintered utterly. He lunged for her throat.

“You’re not a harpy,” he snarled. “You’re a f*cking pit bull with lockjaw.”

Her head fell back, and she laughed as his iron-hard hands circled her neck. Fingers tightening, he cut off her air supply. She hooked an ankle behind his leg and threw her entire body weight at him, knocking him backward.

They crashed to the floor together. People shouted and scattered, while others leaped toward them. All the ruckus seemed to happen somewhere else. Right here it was just her and Caeravorn, in intimate, struggling silence.

As he hit the ground, his hands loosened from her neck. When she landed on top of his muscular length, she twisted to bring up one elbow, hard, underneath his chin. The blow connected and snapped his head back. For one pulsating moment his long, powerful body lay as a supplicant beneath hers, his neck bared as she straddled him.

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