A Calculated Seduction(7)

“Yeah, well be careful of women doing anything in the name of love. My last ex damn near castrated me in the name of love.”

“You shouldn’t have been cheating on her with her hairdresser. ”

After giving Todd a few more instructions, he hung up the phone with his stomach in knots. From the outside, Dulcy Menendez was a dedicated worker, someone who walked the straight and narrow. He rubbed his hand over his stomach. There had to be a man involved. It was the only reason a woman like her would do something so stupid. Envy crawled through his system. How would it feel to have a woman like that risk everything in her life because she loved him?

Having the scrumptious Dulcy Menendez doing what he wanted... He definitely wouldn’t have her embezzling money. He’ d have her down on her knees in front of him, her mouth on his cock.

He took a final swig of beer and decided wishful thinking wasn’t getting him anywhere.

* * * *

Ethan’ s tongue encircled her nipple. Then he grazed the tip of it with his teeth. She shuddered as her sex dampened and her whole body vibrated with sexual frustration. His fingers tweaked her other nipple. His callused fingers heightened her arousal. He moved from her breasts and kissed a path down her stomach, dipping his tongue in her belly button. Her pulse beat out of control. He settled himself between her legs and smiled up at her as she watched him lower his head to her *.

Bang, bang, bang.

Dulcy rolled over and tried to ignore the noise. It was Saturday morning and she was sleeping in. She didn’t care if a five hundred-piece band walked through her apartment. She was not getting out of bed. She burrowed her head beneath her pillow and willed her dream lover to return.

Unfortunately, the noise increased and was accompanied by Maude’s voice.

“Dulcy! Don’t think you can get out of this! You promised,” Maude yelled through the door.

She opened her eyes and closed them with a moan. If she ignored Maude, maybe she’d leave. The door was silent for a moment and Dulcy snuggled under her covers.

Bang, bang, bang. “Open up or I’ll get that weekend manager who likes to catch women half dressed.”

Dulcy jumped out of bed, grabbed her glasses and almost tripped as her feet were tangled in the sheets. She stomped over to the front door and yanked it open. Sunlight seared Dulcy’s eyes and she snapped them shut.

Maude chuckled and Dulcy opened her eyes to give the woman a dirty look. She wore one of her old powder blue beautician’s jackets, her hair and make up were perfect, and she held a bag filled with God only knew what.

“Well, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you’d had a hot date who kept you up last night.”

Her voice held her usual cheerful tone. God, it should be against the law to be that happy in the morning.

She grumbled and stepped back to let Maude in. She shut the door and then went in search of the coffee she smelled. After getting a cup of it, she slowly walked to the living area and collapsed on her sofa.

“I’d like a cup of coffee too, but don’t worry yourself, I’ll get it,” Maude said sarcastically.

Dulcy didn’t care. If she had to put up with the torture of having her hair cut and colored, she didn’t have to be nice. Besides, she thought squinting at the VCR clock, it was eight in the morning.

“Maude! It’s eight in the morning. I do not do eight on Saturdays. ”

Maude didn’t say a word as she settled herself next to Dulcy. She took a sip of coffee before saying anything.

“Dulcy, we have a lot to do and if you’re getting Richy tonight, we need to get to work.”

“ You said just a haircut. ” There was no way she was pouring hot wax on her.

“And highlights and a few other little things.” She shot Maude another dirty look.

“Why me? Why do you want to bug me?”

“Well,” Maude said, and looked out the window. “I’m just sort of at loose ends today. With Bill busy with his nephew...” She shrugged.

Great, guilt. And she did feel guilty. Maude had always been there to talk to, to laugh with. They did all the things she figured a young woman might do with her mother.

“Okay, but no wax.”

“You’d look so much better with your eyebrows—”

“No, no way. I do not do wax.”

Maude finally looked at her and smiled. Her eyes twinkled with excitement. “Okay, but we need to get to work.”

She grabbed her bag and marched to the small dining table. Dulcy followed and then stood by while Maude retrieved an assortment of items from her bag of torture.

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