A Calculated Seduction(9)

“Mr. MacMillan!”

He started and turned around. A frown transformed into his trademark smile when he recognized her.

“Dulcy, how are you doing, young lady?”

She dropped her briefcase and rounded her desk. He stood when she reached him and held out his arms for a hug. He hugged her tight, almost squeezing the breath out of her.

“Let me take a look at you, Dulcy.” She stood back but took hold of his hands. “Why, I do believe Maude got a hold of you this weekend. ”

“Well, I had the outfit, but yes, she convinced me to cut my hair.” She’d bought the red suit years earlier but never had the nerve to wear it. It hugged her larger than fashionable hips and bottom.

“Do you like it?” She moved her head from side to side, really amazed at how much lighter it felt.

“You know, you look just like your mama. She sure was a beauty, just like her daughter.”

She blushed, even though she knew he was just joking with her. “I’ve missed you.”

“Now don’t tell me that handsome nephew of mine is making you work too hard.”

“Oh, no.” She didn’t want them to get in an argument about Ethan so soon after being reunited. “It’s just not the same without you. ”

His blue eyes studied her for a moment, long enough to make her uncomfortable.

“Is there another reason for the transformation, Dulcy?”

“Another reason?”

He sighed, then his lips curved up slightly. “Do you have the hots for my nephew?”

Something caught her attention and she turned to find Ethan leaning against the doorjamb. “Yes, Miss Menendez, do you have the hots for me?”

Chapter Three

Dulcy’ s sun-kissed skin turned rosy and Ethan’ s pulse accelerated, his blood warmed. Attraction zinged along his senses as his cock twitched. The woman was dangerous and didn’t even know it. Which made her even more lethal. Her manner was usually distant, but he was sure after Friday night, it would be hard for her to keep that distance.

Do you have the hots for my nephew?

Now he wished he had let her answer. Did she have the hots for him? And what the hell were the two of them talking about to have Bill ask that? And why the hell did he even care?

“Now, Ethan, don’t embarrass the girl,” Bill admonished.

He turned to look at his uncle. Just a few years shy of seventy, Bill still had the look and strength of a man who loved life. He was an inch shorter than Ethan, had a shock of white hair and blue eyes. Ethan still regretted the years they’d spent apart, the years he’d spent avoiding his parents.

“I’m not embarrassing Miss Menendez anymore than you were.”

“How was I embarrassing her? I was just giving her a compliment on how nice she looked.”

He turned his attention back to Dulcy. She did indeed look different. She’d had all of her hair cut off and it curled just under her chin. Also, she’d done something to lighten it or something. Her dark brown eyes seemed somewhat lighter with golden flecks, bringing a sparkle to her face. And the way she was dressed.

She finally wore a suit worthy of her body. Fire engine red, it hugged her hips and that great rounded ass. The color of the suit deepened the honey in her skin, making it glow. Without his permission, his eyes dipped down to her cleavage. The fitted jacket showed just a hint of her breasts, but he knew what they looked like.

Soft, sweet, with rosebud nipples. He licked his lips.

She cleared her throat and he looked up. Her face matched her suit and his smile widened. She blinked once and then turned away. He watched as she hurried to make the coffee. The feminine sway of her hips mesmerized him. His eyes dipped lower. The skirt stopped mid-thigh. Other than the other night, he’ d never seen her legs. She’d always worn long skirts that barely showed a hint of ankle.

Now he couldn’t take his eyes off them. Not overly long, but supple with just a touch of muscular definition to them. His balls drew tight at the thought of having them wrapped around his waist.

Now Uncle Bill cleared his throat. Ethan turned to face him. One bushy white eyebrow was raised and one side of his lips curved into a crooked smile. Uncomfortable with what Bill’s smile implied, Ethan decided to change the subject.

“What are you doing here, Bill?”

“Just thought I’d go over some things with you about the promotion we’re doing with the Professional Bull-Riders’ Association.”

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