A Dark Sicilian Secret(6)

“How far are you planning on going, Jill?” he asked her, as they approached an intersection and the pathway turned into a sidewalk with a four-way stoplight.

“Until I’m tired,” she answered, worried that the light remained red while his limousine purred just feet away.

The limousine continued to the corner and made a partial turn, blocking the intersection. Blocking her access to the crosswalk. Suddenly the doors of the black limousine opened and two of Vitt’s bodyguards emerged.

In any other situation she might have laughed. Who but Vitt would have bodyguards that dressed like Italian fashion models? His men wore elegant suits, exquisite leather shoes and belts, and shaded their eyes with the latest in designer stylish sunglasses. They were sophisticated and well groomed and didn’t blend in. They had never blended in. But Vittorio had to know that. Vittorio Marcello d’Severano left nothing to chance.

The bodyguards watched her with professional interest. They were clearly waiting for a signal from Vitt, a signal he had yet to give.

“Tell them to move,” Jillian said, turning to look at Vitt.

“But I just told them to stop there.”

“Yes, but I can’t cross the street with them blocking the way.”

“I know. But we can’t just walk all day. We have things we have to discuss. Decisions that must be made.”

“Such as?”

“How we’re going to manage joint custody of our son—”

“We’re not. He’s mine.”

“And which country he’ll attend school in.”

“The States. He’s American.”

“As well as Sicilian,” Vitt countered softly. “As well as half mine. You can not legally keep him from me.”

“Nor can you legally take him from me.”

“Which I wouldn’t do.” He patted his chest. “Fortunately, I have excellent legal counsel, and have spent the past few months working with the best American and Sicilian attorneys. Everything’s been handled. I’ve taken care of the paperwork. The documentation is here. You’ve had him the first eleven months of his life. I’m entitled to the next.”


He nodded. “We’re to share him equally, or, cara, darling, you risk losing him completely.”


“You’ll be found an unfit mother should you try to run off with him again. And you don’t want to be found in contempt of the court. It would seriously damage your chances of ever getting custody back.”

Jillian stared at Vitt in horror. “You’re making that up.”

“I’d never lie to you. And I never have. If we step into the car, I’ll show you the paperwork where it’s dry.”

He made it sound so simple. Just step into his car…just look at the papers.

He must think she’d forgotten just how powerful he was. He must think she didn’t remember how seductive and attractive she’d found him.

If she took that one small step, climbed into his car, she feared she’d never be safe—or sane—again.

Jillian swallowed hard, her senses already overloaded. Tall and broad-shouldered, Vitt was undeniably attractive, but twenty months ago she’d fallen for more than his body. She’d loved his mind. He was brilliant. Probably the most intelligent man she’d ever met and she’d enjoyed talking to him more than she’d enjoyed talking to anyone.

Vitt could discuss politics and economics, history and culture, arts and sciences. He’d traveled extensively and obviously had loads of money, but he’d played no games. He’d been warm, sensual—and except for the odd strange phone call, and the sudden secret meetings—he’d been totally available.

And like a love-starved puppy, she’d lapped it all up, soaking it in.

Seeing him again reminded her of just how much she’d liked him and wanted him.

Seeing him again made her realize she’d never be immune to him. “I don’t trust you,” she said, her voice husky with emotion.

“The problem in a nutshell.”

“Don’t mock me.”

“I’m not. But your lack of trust has created terrible problems for both of us.”

She looked away, bit her lip hard, so hard it drew blood. “I want to see the paperwork, but I won’t get into your car,” she said steeling herself, suppressing all emotion. “Don’t try to make me.”

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