King's Reign (Sydney Storm MC #6)(4)

We’d suspected they had him in witness protection, but it hadn’t been confirmed until now. It slanted this differently than if he was being held in prison. It meant that if we could locate him, we could deal with him ourselves rather than finding someone inside to do it.

Zane nodded. “Yeah. It’s possible.”

“That’s what I thought,” I said. Johnny might have been a fed, but he didn’t have the equipment and skills Zane did. There was a reason Zane was in high demand since he’d left the military.

I stood as I saw Devil enter the bar. “Keep me updated.” Leaving them, I met Devil as he found somewhere to sit. “How’d you go?”

Exhaustion lined his face. Fuck, it lined all our faces. “Her sister is still in a coma.”

“And Lily?” My gut knotted. She’d invaded my head since I’d walked away from her. I couldn’t escape her.

“She’s at the hospital. The kids are at her mother’s with their father. The boys have reported there’s been no suspicious behaviour at the house. They’re safe, King.”

“Talk to her neighbours tomorrow. Get me a description of anyone they saw at the house that day.” I wasn’t leaving it to the police to bring justice for Lily’s sister. I would deliver that myself. By my own fucking hand.

I headed back to my office, ready to finish that bottle of whisky. I hadn’t made it to the office when a text came through that made me sit the fuck up and pay attention.

Unknown Number: Sara needs to see you.

Jesus, what the fuck was Bronze doing?

Me: You’re in Sydney?

Bronze: Yes

Me: When?

Bronze: Now

Me: Give me 30

I stalked out of the clubhouse. Bronze was about to incur some of my wrath. I hadn’t set him up just so he could come back and fuck himself in the ass.

“You should be a million fucking miles from here, Bronze.” I’d arrived at the café before him and had sat for the past five minutes growing increasingly pissed off. “This was not the fucking plan.”

He returned my scowl as he sat across from me. “You know me better than that, King. I did exactly what you would have done in the same situation.”

I ground my teeth together as I ran my gaze over his face. “You look like shit.” He looked a hell of a lot worse than shit. It had been ten days since I’d seen him, but it looked like he hadn’t slept in a month.

“Yeah, you too, asshole.”

I leaned back in my seat, trying to shake the wild energy coursing through me. I was fucking hyped up from everything going on and everything I still had to get done. It was a high I would crash and burn from eventually. Usually I’d screw my way through it, but the only warmth I craved was the one I wouldn’t seek.

Huffing out a breath, I demanded, “So, what gives?”

“I’ve been doing some digging on Romano and his crew. One of his guys seems to be his main choice for getting shit done, so I dug deeper on him than the others. Turns out he changed his name years ago, and when I followed that, I found his history of violent crime including multiple counts of murder. I figure he’s probably the guy Tony sent to take care of Jen—”

“Romano’s crew has been taken care of, Bronze. This information isn’t useful anymore.”

He narrowed his eyes at me. “When? Because I had a buddy track this guy’s credit cards, and he used one a few hours ago.”

I frowned. “Where?”

“Here. Sydney.” When I didn’t respond, he asked, “You found Romano yet?”

I shook my head.

He slid a piece of paper across the table. “We find this guy, he might lead us to him.”

I glanced down at the paper.



“He’s in Sydney?”


“Fucking hell.”

We’d taken him off our radar after Romano was arrested.

And we’d bought into the story he’d fed us about why he’d shown up on our doorstep.

For Ivy.

I yanked my phone out as a thought slammed into my head. To Bronze, I said, “What else do you know about this guy?”

“Not much, but it seems he’s a loner with a taste for stalking women. He fixates on them until they become an obsession. Two of them took restraining orders out on him. One of them ended up dead three months later. I talked to the first one, and she gave me a rundown of his history with this. Turns out he’s done it a few times. Somehow he escaped a murder charge and later, changed his name.”

When Axe picked up, I said, “Pull Zane off tracking Romano. I need him to find Brant.”


I gripped the phone harder. “I think he has Ivy.” I paused. “And I think he’s a sick fuck who will do God knows what to her.”

With everything going on, we’d been distracted and taken our eyes off the motherfucking ball.

Ending the call, I said to Bronze, “You hear that Ryland’s off the case now?”


“Fuck, Bronze, you trust whoever’s giving you information? That their goal isn’t to draw you in so they can arrest you?”

“I’m taking precautions.”

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