My One and Only (Bewitched and Bewildered #10)(10)

Beth's hands flew to her mouth. "My mother?"

"The carriage accident," Broderick said his voice trembling. "We were the ones who were supposed to go to town that day, but you weren't feeling well so I stayed behind to tend to you."

Serenity nodded absently as the story came together. "If the spell was affixed to the carriage to kill you Broderick, then when Beth's mother died instead, it followed the bloodline from her toward you because you shared a child together. But it reached Beth first since she was tied to both her mother and to you by blood."

"Oh gods, it's my fault," Broderick whispered.

"No, Papa it's not. It's whoever wanted this wickedness done who is at fault," Beth said hugging her father close.

"Who would want to kill Broderick and Beth that badly?" Caspian asked. "She was just a baby."

Serenity took another deep breath and refocused her magic. "Whoever it was had an extremely strong tie to Beth's mother."

"What if it was Beth's mom's mate?" Meryn suggested.

Broderick sat up straighter. "That could very well be it. Beth's mother said she was meeting someone in town, which is why she went in our place. She said she couldn't wait to introduce us. I didn't think anything of it after she died. Whoever he was must have seen us as a threat to their mating."

Serenity swayed a bit and Micah pulled her close. "There you have it," she said, shaking her head to clear the colors from her mind.

Gavriel blinked. "Have what? How do we get rid of it?"

Serenity shrugged. "We can't. It's so entrenched into her very aura there's no removing in." She smiled. "But on the bright side, it will dilute with each future generation."

Behind them they heard a loud thump. She and Micah turned in their chairs to look down. Micah turned back to the table. "Tarak fainted," he announced brightly.

"This is not funny Micah," Adriel admonished smiling wide.

"Gods no one tell Tarragon, he'll slit his own wrists," Declan muttered.

Gavriel stared down at the table eyes wide in shock. "Next generation?"

Broderick absently patted Gavriel on the back also looking a bit lost. "We can do it," he said nodding repeatedly in a daze.

"So. Jack will need a bubble huh?" Meryn asked.

Beth looked from her mate to her father to Meryn. She looked back behind them to the floor where Tarak still lay, out cold. "Don't call my baby Jack, Meryn." She smiled at everyone. "If my mother's love can protect me from a death curse, then I'm pretty sure I can keep my baby from getting hurt too badly."

Serenity gave her a short nod of encouragement. "Exactly."

"Oh I can't stand it," Radclyffe said standing. He walked over and placed a hand each on both Broderick and Gavriel's backs. He whispered low and after a few seconds both men sat a little straighter looking less stressed.

"Feeling better?" Radclyffe asked stepping back.

Gavriel looked up at the healer. "That was amazing. One second I could barely think and then it was like the fog cleared."

Radclyffe cracked his fingers. "Just negated a bit of shock is all." He walked back over to sit down next to his mate.

Broderick turned to Ellie. "They are exactly what we need, what the children need."

Meryn held up her hands forming a 'T'. "Okay peeps time out." She pinned Serenity with a questioning look. "So Beth is okay right? I just need clarification for that."

Serenity smiled. "Yes Meryn, she's just fine. She is as she always has been. In fact, from the gradient around the edges of the curse I would say she is better than she has always been. I think finding her mate and creating another bond helped to defuse the potency of the curse."

Gavriel sighed and sat back in his chair. "I would be too selfish to ask for more."

"I guess round two will not be too bad then," a deep male voice said from the floor. Tarak stood shaking his head. He looked at Beth then rubbed the back of his neck. "The keystones will not work with an infant. Maybe a bespelled stone that would activate to certain pain levels," he turned and kept muttering to himself as he walked out of the dining room.

Gavriel looked exhausted as he smiled. "I like the way he thinks."

"Personally I think he's being overly dramatic," Beth sniffed raising her chin.

Around the table everyone fought to hide their laughter but soon everyone was chuckling out loud.

"Oh really!" Beth exclaimed.

Meryn looked over to Anne slyly. "If Anne hurries up and gets pregnant then her kid can heal your kid," she suggested.

Anne looked at Beth excitedly. "That's a great idea!"

Beth grinned back. "I forgot that my child won't be alone like I was growing up."

Serenity looked at Meryn. "What about your own child helping?"

Meryn thought about it for a moment. "I think my kid will be the reason why Beth's kid will get hurt to be honest." Everyone around the table nodded almost in sync with each other agreeing with Meryn.

Ellie stood. "I'm glad we know what that shadow thing is now." She stretched then turned to Laelia and Radclyffe. "If you all are ready, I can introduce you to the children and your other patients."

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