My One and Only (Bewitched and Bewildered #10)(4)

"Zach! Put me down," she laughed. No matter how long they were ever apart he always greeted her this way. He set her down on her feet, his face turning serious.

"Are you sure about going? I don't want to you falling ill."

"From what the queen told me so far it's only affecting shifters and vampires. Many witch unit warriors have been helping the sick and none of them have been infected. They need our help. It's what we've studied for," she answered.

He rubbed his chin. "I don't like it."

"You don't have to, you just have to open the portal."

"Even though we're twins you can't open a portal and I can," he shook his head. "Genetics are weird."

"I can split a river and you can't," she countered.

He grinned. "You've improved. When we were kids you had problems with mud puddles," he teased.

She gave him a flat look. "I am a temple head now."

"Yes mistress temple head, anything you say mistress temple head," Zach bowed low, his fingertips brushing the floor.

Serenity rolled her eyes. "You're impossible!"

Zach looked up and winked. "But you love me anyway." He straightened then turned to Laelia. "And how is my second favorite lady?"

Laelia blushed. "I am well."

Radclyffe shook his head. He was used to Zach's teasing. "You never greet me like that."

Zach looked surprised for a moment then leered at both of them. "If I didn't know how in love the two of you were I'd seduce you both."

"Zach!" Serenity screeched.

He turned to her frowning. "Have you been studying with a banshee?"

"Open the damn portal then go home!" she pointed to the blank wall of her chambers.

"I am never appreciated," he sighed. "I may hide out in Storm Keep for a bit. Allia Li'Aerlin wants to 'train'. She's been a bear to work with since she wasn't able to send her brother any troops, if she finds out I opened a portal to Noctem Falls she'll attack me in my sleep," he groused.

Laelia and Radclyffe were fighting back laughter as they walked over to stand next to Serenity.

"Allia and Ailain both spoil you since we're the next set of twins born after them in Eiré Danu," Serenity pointed out.

He rolled his eyes. "Being nearly three hundred isn't very old in the paranormal world, but in Eiré Danu it's a thousand times worse. I feel like a damn toddler."

"You are one of the youngest in a city of immortals," Serenity teased.

Zach gave her a flat look before opening the pouch at his waist to pull out a silver ring. "Her Majesty appreciates your attempts to protect her by keeping her out of this venture. That being said, she lent me this ring. It should open a portal directly to the Ledge of Noctem Falls. When the portal opens it will also bypass the spell that hides the door and open it for you. To pass through the portal you have to be a witch. I think it scans for magic to prove you're a healer." His handsome face sobered. "Be careful Seri. Don't hesitate to call if you need help. I'll chance going through the portal with my meager magical abilities to get to you."

Serenity hugged her brother tightly. "Love you."

He gave her one last squeeze and stepped back. "Love you too. Have fun breaking the law."

She gave him a salute then turned to face the wall. Zach slipped on the ring and opened the portal. "Gods' blessings be on you all," he whispered as they walked through.


Micah thought that if Pip's eyes widened anymore they would simply fall out of his head. The poor boy had no idea how to take Meryn. Currently she was trying to get him to sit next to her in a chair. Micah looked around the dining room. "Where's Sebastian?"

Ryuu lifted Pip from where he was kneeling on the floor and sat him next to Meryn. "He is checking on Magnus." He looked down at the young vampire. "Sit next to Meryn if you would please. It would hurt her back to keep leaning down to look at you," he explained gently.

Pip's eyes filled with understanding. "I would not want to hurt Meryn." Of course he would sit next to Meryn for her own sake, not because he wanted to sit on the furniture. "The servants in my father's home usually put my bowl on the floor," he explained.

"They what?" a terribly cold voice asked. Micah was shocked to see that the question came from the normally pleasant Sebastian.

The Rioux squire walked into the room to stand behind Meryn and Pip. "Who is this?" he asked.

Meryn pointed to her new friend. "This is Pip, DeLaFontaine was his sperm donor. As you heard, he's done a bang up job of taking care of him." She looked up at the squire her eyes pleading. "He's hungry Sebastian."

Sebastian inhaled and looked down at the innocent face staring up at him. "Well, we cannot have that can we? Give me a few minutes to throw something together."

Meryn gave him a thumbs up. Pip held up his hand and curled his fingers down to give the squire a thumbs up sign as well. Sebastian patted them both on the head and quickly headed to the kitchen.

Meryn sighed. "Being hungry sucks."

Micah had a feeling she wasn't just referring to the annoying rumbling you get between breakfast and lunch. The look in her eye told a darker story.

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