Natural Mage (Magical Mayhem #2)

Natural Mage (Magical Mayhem #2)

K.F. Breene


Thank you so much to all of my readers who continually show up even when I come up with something totally weird and different (looking at you Secret of McKinley Mansion readers!). Thanks to my reader group on Facebook who constantly crack me up and help me decide what to write, and when. I do so love opinionated people, especially when they make my life easier!

A special thanks to Keri Frey, who somehow handles my crazy, and who reminds me that my timely freak-outs are like clockwork and par for the course.

A huge thanks to YOU - yes, you, I’m looking right at you, which is only marginally creepy - for sticking with this DDVN world and trusting me to zig and zag through all the little Easter eggs I’m planting to pick up at a later date, and possibly with someone completely new. You make my job possible, and you make my heart squishy by sticking by me. Thank you!

Lastly, thank you to Angela Polidoro, my editor, who fixes my messes (like the above), and makes my stories actually readable :D

I hope you enjoy!

Natural Mage

After narrowly surviving my debut into the magical world, I made a promise to myself: no more hiding in broom closets.

But with the Mages' Guild reorganizing faster than anyone thought possible, and naming me as their number one target, that promise seems a little far-fetched. Especially since my training with Callie and Dizzy, the highly experienced dual-mage pair, goes off like a cake in a cannon.

Left to find someone that can fill the role, it isn't until a formal dinner party goes horribly wrong that I find the best (and worst) solution imaginable: Reagan Somerset, the leather clad crazy woman who busted into my broom closet sanctuary in the first place.

Through an off-kilter teaching style and many punches in the face, I learn my true potential.

But with her happier busting heads and kicking in doors than staying put with a pupil in hiding, it isn't long before the world comes crashing down. The Guild has found me, and they intend to take me alive.

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About the Author


“Penny, hurry up and come down. Half of them are already here.”

I froze in front of the full-length mirror on my walk-in closet door, listening to see if my new landlord, Callie Banks, would yell up any more instructions.


Not instructions, then…a warning posed as a question.

“Be right down,” I called, because otherwise she’d come up, grab me by the hair, and drag me.

I’d exchanged an overbearing mother for an overbearing trainer. My decision-making skills still needed improvement.

Taking a deep breath, I smoothed the faux-silk lilac dress down my stomach and breathed in deeply, trying to ignore the nervous tremors.

Tonight Callie and her husband Dizzy were formally introducing me to their large and influential magical circle. I was a real mage now, with a couple months of training under my belt and power enough to rival the best of the best. Or so they told me.

Truth was, power alone wasn’t enough, something I’d learned firsthand from working closely with Emery, the natural mage who’d gone rogue from the magical community. He was the best of the best…no, together we were the best of the best. With his power, experience, and know-how, and my…well, power and temperamental intuition, we’d pulled off the impossible—an attack on the Mages’ Guild’s stronghold in Seattle. Without him, I felt like a novice with a lot to learn.

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