Camden's Redemption (Gloves Off #4)

Camden's Redemption (Gloves Off #4)

L.P. Dover

I JUST WANT to thank everyone who has given my fighters a chance. Camden has definitely been one of the hardest to write. If you’ve read the other books I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I hope you enjoy his journey from the dark side to the light. All of my fighters are very special to me and I’m happy to be able to share them with you. It wouldn’t be possible without your love and support. For that, I will always be grateful. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart and soul. You all rock!

IF I HATED my life before, it was nothing compared to the past four months. North Carolina was my new home, but it never felt like it. How could it? I was forced to hide and live a life of solitude. There were several times I wanted to put a bullet in my head. Just end it. The waves were the only thing keeping me sane.

Gabby’s brother, Matt Reynolds, owned a three story beach house on the coast. He told Mason I could stay there. After I betrayed Scar and helped the police take down the Dark Side, I knew he would have his people hunt me down. They were searching for me even now. I wasn’t afraid of them, but Mason threatened to take away my chances of ever getting back into the UFC if I didn’t. I threw it away that night I didn’t show up for the title fight. I wanted it all back. As soon as I didn’t have to run anymore, I was going to join the UFC again. I was nothing without the fight.

“Knock, knock,” Gabby announced, opening the door and peeking her head in.

“Up here,” I shouted, staring out the window. My bags were all packed, but I was waiting on her to give me the package Mason sent. It was time to switch places again. Off to a new city. I had no clue where he was sending me next.

“You know, you should really lock the doors,” she lectured, storming up the steps. “You’re basically inviting trouble into your house.”

I looked at her over my shoulder and at Paxton who walked up behind her. They were both dressed for a day at the beach. Why couldn’t my life be simple like that? “Speaking of trouble, look who just walked in.”

“You got that right,” Paxton agreed, smacking her on the ass. “How’s it going, Jameson?”

I snorted. “It f*cking sucks. The waves are small and I haven’t gotten laid in months. Everyone around here’s ancient as shit. I think they’ve gotten more action than me.”

Chuckling, Paxton slapped me on the shoulder and took a seat on the couch. “Why do you think Mason sent you out here? It wasn’t so you could get laid.”

“Yeah, but would it hurt to have something decent to look at other than saggy ass tits?” It’s not like it’d matter anyway. Every decent woman I’d come across looked at me like I was a worthless dirtbag. The scar on my face repulsed them. When I glanced at Gabby, her face softened, pissing me off even more. Pity was the one thing I’d come to despise. I saw enough of it every f*cking day.

“Maybe things will be different when you move,” she said softly.

“Save it, Gabby. Nothing’s going to change. I’m a f*cking monster. I don’t know why I can’t just go back to California and end this. It’s not like anyone would miss me anyway.”

Gabriella slammed the envelope to my chest. “That’s not true,” she hissed. “I would miss you and so would your brother. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself.”

I didn’t feel sorry for myself; I was disgusted. I hated what I’d become.

“So where am I going now?” I asked.

Her eyes brightened. “You, my friend, are heading to Charlotte. I’m sure you’ll get your fill of perky tits when you get there. But remember, you’re Cameron James now, not a former bad ass UFC fighter. Keep a low profile.”

I’d already been warned from Mason. Keep to yourself and don’t get involved with others, especially women. Fuck, the only thing I’d have to work on is not scaring people off with my goddamn mutilated face.

“I get it Gabby. I don’t need a reminder.” I opened the envelope and pulled out the letter and a key.

Folding up the letter, I grabbed my phone and headed for the door.

Gabby raced after me. “Where are you going? I thought we could hang tonight.”

“Can’t,” I shouted, slamming the door in her face. “There’s somewhere I need to be.” And it didn’t involve spending the night watching these two together. It was a cruel reminder of what I’d never have.

When I got outside, I dialed Mason’s number and impatiently waited for him to pick up. “Cam, what’s up?” he said, answering the phone.

“Ready to get the f*ck out of here. What are the updates you mentioned?”

“I see Gabby and Pax made it there okay.”


He sighed. “I talked to Scar the other day. He’s not letting up on his hunt for you. He said he knew where you were. Of course, he wouldn’t tell me the location, but something about the way he said it bothered me. I would call his bluff, but I don’t want to take any chances. I’m doing everything I can to find out who’s involved. These f*ckers are hard to trace.”

How the hell was Scar finding me? I jumped in my Jeep—the car Mason suggested I drive instead of my sports car—and slammed the door, desperate to be anywhere but there. “Why don’t I just come back home and get this over with? I’m so goddamned sick of running.”

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