Overcoming Fear (Growing Pains #2)

Overcoming Fear (Growing Pains #2)
K.F. Breene


“Krista, we meet again.”

Krista looked up from a book as she crossed the parking lot, spying the speaker immediately. It was hard not to, eyes found him whether they’d intended to or not. Jim was six-foot-four and built like a football player, standing with complete confidence in his body, owning space like Elvis owned the stage. Hulking shoulders stretched his shirts, his thick arms corded with muscle hung loose at his sides.

“Hi, Jim,” she breathed, not stopping the smile that was curling her lips.

When he’d walked across the bar to talk to her the other night, she’d been the envy of every woman there. His flashing eyes had caught and held her, marking her as his, and not bothering to notice anyone else. He was dashing and handsome, and had that bad boy flair in need of taming.

There wasn’t a woman out there who wouldn’t raise her hand to the challenge.

“Can I walk you?” he asked cordially, stepping to the side to allow her to pass.

“Sure,” her stupid face turned red as she slowed her step, falling in line with him.

“I wondered why you didn’t call,” Jim said easily, his rough voice smooth and silky, tugging at her groin.

She broke out in a nervous sweat, her stomach flipping and turning in this handsome man’s proximity. “I know—sorry! I haven’t had a chance. We’re in the middle of finals and I have so much work to do! I was planning on calling you tomorrow.”

“Hmmm. Well, in future, make time, huh? I like talking to ya.”

Krista’s face got hot as she burst with pride. A man like Jim wanting her? How the hell had she pulled that lucky ticket?

“Kris, we’re—oh…” Kate stood in front of the restaurant with her mouth wide open, staring at Jim. “Hi, Jim!” she said with a breathy voice.

Jim smirked, seeing the look. “Hello, Kate. How are you?”

“G-good,” Kate gulped and nodded.

Jim turned to Krista with his back to Kate, bending down to catch her eye. “Alright, call me. It’s not a request.” He gave her a tantalizing stare filled with heat, capturing and claiming her spirit.

Tingles crawled up Krista’s legs as wetness burst into her panties. He winked, then left.

Krista watched him walk away with stars in her eyes, his powerful body moving along the sidewalk with grace.

“You are one lucky bitch, Krista Marshall!” Kate said in awe. “That man is too hot for his own good.”

“I know!” Krista gushed, fanning her face. “And he went out of his way to talk and make sure I called!”

Kate shook her head. “Lucky f**king bitch indeed.”

Chapter One

Krista sat in Sean’s office, turbulent with the emotions she was trying to suppress. She was wanting to keep her distance, stay firmly in the friend zone, but having a problem with the resolution. He had just asked her if they were okay; loaded question.

He was just too much fun, smart, charming and personable. She didn’t even care about his startling good looks anymore. She was beyond that. She was beyond external beauty and body.

In theory, anyway. It wasn’t like she was a saint or anything, and he was HOT.

Sean sat at his desk, looking at her, wondering if they were still okay after what happened at the winery. After she allowed him to feel up her thigh. After leaning in, desperate for him to kiss her.

After he chose Monica over her and had just walked away.

Yeah, they were good in a work setting, but everything else needed to stay…somewhere else.

“Good,” he said, “I like working with you. I didn’t want anything to get in the way.”

“Ditto. These things happen. No big deal. Now, stop getting all sappy on me.”

He smirked, the corners of his lips tugging upward to give more smile, but he resisted.

She needed to get out of the room. It was too small all of a sudden. Too hot. His musty scent too powerful. Her limbs too weak. Stuff was all messed up in her head.

As she got up to leave, however, he said, “Ray is having a barbecue on Saturday.” Sean was looking at her thoughtfully. “He lives in the East Bay. I wondered if you would come, and bring your friends so I can meet them? No promises, but if they are any good maybe we can work something out with them rather than hiring unknowns.”

After landing the huge account Krista, Sean and their team had been working on, they needed more bodies to do the task. With the rest of Krista’s Research cronies being lazy and incompetent, Sean thought bringing on Kate and Jasmine, Krista’s longtime friends and college buddies, would really benefit all. But first, he had to get to know them, talk, since other than their only other chance encounter at the pub a while back, he didn’t know them other than what Krista had to say about them; which was all good. .

“Uh…” Her brain went to her calendar. “Clear. Oh wait, poop. I’m supposed to go to the Folsom Street Fair.”

“You’re going to that?”

The way Sean said it made Krista tilt her head. “Yeah, why?”

“Have you ever been?”

“No. Jasmine, or was it Kate? Well, they are dragging me. They say there’s nothing like it.”

“They’re right. But that’s next weekend. I think. I don’t keep track. But definitely not this weekend.”

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