Ryley's Revenge (Gloves Off #2)(7)

“Oh my God. No,” I shrieked, holding my stomach. “It wasn’t like that. I came home for Ryley. I want to get him back!”

Gabriella pursed her lips, her countenance weary. “I know you want him back, but things have changed, Ash. He was livid when we left the airport. After seeing you and Colin together, I think it knocked him over the edge—he was seeing red. It’s the second time he feels like he got slapped in the face.”

Eyes burning, I threw my towel on the floor and rushed to my closet. “I have to see him, Gabby. Do you know where he is?” I grabbed one of my pink tank tops and a pair of jeans out of my closet, sliding them on as fast as I could. I didn’t care if I needed a shower. I couldn’t let another minute go by without talking to him.

“He’s probably at home,” she confided. “Judging by how hard he’s worked the past few weeks, I’d say he needs a day off.”

Slamming my closet door, I ran back to my bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth. My skin wasn’t as tanned as it used to be since I’d been working indoors at the hotel. Now, with the shock of finding out what happened yesterday, I looked downright pale. Not to mention, my cheeks had sunken a bit from being sick. I looked as weak as I felt, but I was determined to find Ryley. I’d spent a month away from him and I was tired of torturing myself. Even if he didn’t want me back, he was going to let me explain.

“I’m going over there,” I announced, marching out of my room. “Nothing happened between me and Colin last night. He has to know the reason why I came back.”

Gabriella followed me to the door and grabbed the keys to my car off the counter, handing them to me. “Whatever happens, don’t give up on him. He’s angry at you, but if you keep trying I know he’ll come around. You can do this.”

Holding my keys in hand, I took a deep breath and nodded. “You’re right, I can. I won’t give up.”

Once out of the apartment, I rushed down the steps to my car and was on my way to Ryley’s house. The fight to win him back wasn’t going to be easy. But I had a lot to make up for.

When I pulled into his driveway, I looked up at the balcony to his room. It was the same balcony where I ended our relationship just one short month ago. Taking a deep breath, I got out of my car and slowly walked up the stone walkway. Before I could back out, I rang the bell and took one step away from the door. All I could hear was the heartbeat pounding in my ears as I waited for someone to answer. Through the glass door, a silhouette appeared and the door opened. I was hoping it would be Ryley, but it was Camden, with a sneer on his face.

“Well, well, well . . . look who it is. I didn’t think you’d ever show your face around here again,” he chided. His hair was the same golden blond Ryley’s used to be before he dyed it brown.

“I need to see Ryley. Is he here?”

Camden chuckled and opened the door wider so I could see his full body. He was shirtless and showing off his many tattoos, wearing only a pair of black boxer briefs that displayed how well-endowed he was. Even though he had the same body as Ryley, his did nothing to affect me.

“Oh, he’s here, sweetheart. I’d say he’s about ten inches deep in the hot blonde I sent his way last night.”

By the mischievous look in his eyes I knew he was lying . . . or at least I hoped he was. “Fine, I’ll just wait for him to get done.”

His eyes widened then grew hard; I’d caught him off guard. “Fuck no. You’re not welcome here. Not after you left me tied to a f*cking bed and then dumped my brother.”

“You deserved what I did to you,” I hissed.

“And did my brother deserve what you did to him?” he countered.

I stiffened and looked away. No, he didn’t deserve it and I regret what I did, every second of every day.

“Yeah, I didn’t think so. The only way you’re getting inside of this house is if you beg for my forgiveness. I can think of plenty of ways for you to use that lovely mouth of yours.”

Disgusted, I scoffed and backed away, glaring at him. “Fine, you win for right now, but I’m not giving up.”

“Even when he’s in his room right now f*cking a woman who just left my bed? You would still want him after that? I bet you don’t even know how many people he’s been with since you left.”

The thought made me sick, but there was nothing I could do about it. I left him and the consequences of my actions were going to haunt me for the rest of my life. “Fuck you, Camden,” I growled. “This isn’t over.”

“Actually, sweetheart . . . it is.” He slammed the door and that was the end of round one. I lost, but it was only one of three. Ding, ding, ding. Round two.

THE SOUND OF a door slamming woke me up and all I could feel was how bad my body ached. My hands didn’t hurt as bad as I thought they would, but my muscles were on fire. Groaning, I slowly slipped out of bed only to be stopped by a voice behind me. “Good morning, sexy. I can work those kinks out for you.”

Turning around, a tall, naked female with long blonde hair prowled closer. “What the f*ck are you doing in here?” I snapped.

She pouted her lips, and then licked them as her hungry eyes raked up and down my body. “Your brother sent me. I had to promise I could make you come.”

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