Trusting You (Second Chances #2)

Trusting You (Second Chances #2)

L. P. Dover & Melissa Ringsted & Eden Crane


Here’s to a second chance at finding love and being able to keep it.

Thank you so much to all of you that have given me a chance and a reason to write. I appreciate the kind words and the support that I receive from all of you, and it never fails to lift my spirits and make me enjoy what I do. I will always strive to be the best I can be … for you.

To my husband—Thank you for giving me a second chance at love and for taking a chance on me.

To my PA’s, Jaime and Kim—You both are amazing and I would be completely lost without you. You are always there to help me and you have no idea how much easier my life has gotten with you two in it. Your help and hard work has made a complete difference in my writing and has made the stress in my schedule so much easier to handle. When I’m down you know exactly how to lift me up. I love you both!

To the most amazing, sweet, loving, and all out wonderful editor in the whole wide world—I know you just burst out laughing when you read that. It’s true though, you are the best and I love working with you. Even though I get scared when you call me to talk about my books, I always know that your input is very valuable and that all you want is to help me. I appreciate it more than you could ever know.

To Julie (the most awesome formatter ever)—You astound me with your creativeness and your willingness to always help me even when I know you are strapped for time. I will always be grateful to you and all that you do for me. Your heart is one of a kind.

To my faves (Amber, Jimie, and Jenna)—What can I say? You ladies are always there for me. You’ve been there with me from the start and we’ve been down a long road of changes, especially you, Jenna. You ladies are always in my heart and I’m honored to have you a part of it.

Okay, so now for some honorable mentions. Carrie White, you were the one who helped me pick out the character name for one of my characters in this book. Thank you so much. I love the name Claire, by the way. Jodi Brooks, for some reason you are always there to send me a message when I’m down and it always lifts me up. I think we must be connected somehow. Danielle Linhart, thank you for always making the most awesome swag and coming up with custom ideas just for me. You rock!

Three Months Ago

A night at the bar, several tequila sunrises, and a gorgeous guy staring at me from across the room … how could I resist? Talking became flirting, flirting became touching, and then the touching led me to where I was now.

There were only a couple more hours until the first rays of sunshine would alert the coming of dawn. I was angry with myself for letting things go too far with the man sleeping soundly off to my side. How could I be so stupid yet love everything I did?

Sleeping with random men was not something I would ever do, and definitely not something I should be doing now. I was twenty-eight years old and already divorced from my college love, who made the mistake of sleeping with our whore of a neighbor. She’d spread her legs for anyone. Daniel just couldn’t resist, and of course I couldn’t resist divorcing him when he begged me to give him another chance. Marrying him was a mistake, and I couldn’t believe I was stupid enough to think he would stay faithful. After all, I had known of his reputation as a wealthy playboy. He pursued me with a vengeance and I fell hard. Shame on me once, never twice.

After our divorce was final, my friends decided it was time I celebrated … and boy did I celebrate. We went out to bars every weekend and I dated many different men, which soon became tiring; they were either too wrapped up in themselves or complete douche bags. I had yet to find a man that was completely interested in who I was, and took the time to put my needs first. At least, until my gaze met the handsome stranger’s from across the room of the bar whose bed I now occupied.

My lover for the evening had drifted off to sleep not long after we spent the night rolling around the sheets. Even though he was a one night stand, he sure knew every way possible to make my body scream for his touch; it was intoxicating. It shocked me, but I indulged in the reckless fun for that short amount of time. I felt more wanted and desired in those hours of sex than I had the entire time I was married.

My ex was a good lover, but nothing compared to the passion and heat of the man off to my right. He was sleeping on his stomach, the naked flesh of his back exposed to the moonlight drifting in through the window. His muscled arm was curled under his pillow and his breathing was light and relaxed … so peaceful, and perfect. Even in his sleep he was one of the most handsome men I’d ever laid eyes on.

No, I scolded silently to myself. He may appear perfect, but I knew better than to fall into the trap of good looks and a charming smile. I will not be fooled again.

Slowly slipping out of bed, I gathered up my clothes that were strewn on the floor and quietly put them on, trying my best not to make any sound. I ran my fingers through my auburn waves, but gave up when all I felt were knots. It was going to be a bitch to brush out when I got home.

Before I snuck out of the bedroom, I took one last look at the man who had been the most aggressive and passionate lover I’d ever had. His dark, tousled hair was mussed up from my relentless tugging, and his closed eyes hid the sparkling gray color that glowed the entire time he ravished my body.

I must say … I didn’t regret what had happened with this man, and if I had the chance I’d probably do it again. He lived in a swanky condo in downtown Charlotte which I knew had to cost a fortune. Then again, my experience with wealthy men was tainted by my ex-husband … although, this man was nothing like my ex. It was clear he had money, but he never gloated about it when we talked at the bar. It was refreshing to talk to a man who was confident enough not to brag about himself the whole night.

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